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On 11 March 2021, Mishmash started its adventure to update readers on the latest technologies, thoughts, clarifications, theories, history, hypotheses, and various, unequivocally recognized aspects.

Team Mishmash believes that there is no such subject in the world that one may fail to understand.

Our crew has developed the concept to offer all innovative minds a platform for presenting their ideas and thoughts on various future and unanticipated aspects. In addition, we want younger minds to think, develop new ideas, and use our articles to set their mind for the future.

Why do you have to connect to MishMash?
β€’ MishMash brings together the great science and technology blogs of topics you seldom heard.
β€’ However, if you have a topic for your thinking, don’t have a platform for sharing that thought process. Don’t worry; we have got your back.

Our Team
Aishik Das
Anukrati Gupta
Ishaa Anant
Saurabh Dey
Shivangi Singh