The strange science of ‘Hallucination’


Most people would have classified hallucination as being caused by ghosts, gods, or witches a few centuries ago. Today, we recognize them as the outcome of a neurological abnormality. The reality is that hallucinations are not always an indication of mental illness, drug use, or spirit retribution; various factors may produce them.

In an ideal world, your brain gathers information from your sense organs — your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin – to produce a complete picture. But now and again, your brain skips all of that and begins to play tricks on you.

A large proportion of people hallucinate at some point in their lives. You have hallucinated if you have been under turn-off stress and heard someone instruct you what to do to discover that there is no one there. You have hallucinated if you have driven past a bus stop and saw someone you have lost for a brief second.

Have you ever imagined hearing your name when you were alone? Hearing voices is the most prevalent hallucination, especially in those with schizophrenia, which is caused partly by chemical imbalances in the thalamus, the portion of the brain that coordinates various regions to function together.


The reason behind hallucination:

All hallucinations include perceiving things that appear to be real but are a creation of the mind, whether pleasant, illuminating, puzzling, or horrifying. These are not dreams, but you must be fully awake to hallucinate.

You can see light patterns and things that are not there, smell scents that are not there, hear voices and other noises, and experience bodily sensations such as crawling skin or your organs moving. Hallucinations include out-of-body, near-death, and sleep paralysis experiences.

To grasp what is not real, you must first understand how your brain determines what is real in the first place. This includes the sister processes of sensation and perception, which are not the same thing.

In a process known as sensation, your sensory organs acquire visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile cues from the outside world. This raw input goes to the brain, where it is processed to give it meaning and context in the perception process. So, in essence, the brain converts sensory data into meaningful information to develop our picture of the world. 

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However, suppose the usual copacetic brain activity is disrupted by a dosage of LSD, a seizure, an illness, or a massive blow to the head. In that case, the standard brain model might become wobbly and eventually diverge from its typical universe representation. Depending on the sort of brain modification, these hallucinations might be fascinating, unpredictable, or frightening.

Whether found in plants, animals, fungi, or synthetically created concoctions, various substances have incredibly diverse effects on the brain, which means that even if they all induce hallucinations, they may do so via quite different paths. Most experts believe, for example, that LSD muddles the senses in a psycho-biochemical way by altering specific feel-good serotonin receptors present in the cerebral cortex and thalamus areas of the brain that are responsible for sensory perception.

Caffeine, on the other hand, has an entirely different effect. Excessive coffee consumption has been related to an increased risk of auditory hallucinations, according to Australian researchers. Caffeine amplifies the physiological consequences of stress, including increased production of the body’s naturally existing stress hormone cortisol, which might cause you to hear things that are not there. However, several accounts of healthy, non-caffeinated persons have intense auditory hallucinations while under high stress.

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Phantosmia is a condition that occurs when a person abruptly loses their ability to smell. It is an olfactory hallucination. In this situation, your brain compensates for lack of sensory input by recalling past fragrances and making it appear as if you smell them for real.

Alice in Wonderland syndrome (AIWS):

If a particular portion of the fusiform gyrus is hyperactive, you may see things that are not there, such as faces with large fangs and eyes. Epilepsy, tumors, or migraines can all create ‘Alice in Wonderland syndrome.’ Patients perceive the world around them to be tiny or gigantic. Simpler hallucinations, such as floating irregular patterns, can also be caused by migraines.

Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS):

Charles Bonnet syndrome is a disorder that can create sophisticated visual hallucinations in persons who have macular degeneration or loss of vision.

After witnessing his practically blind grandpa describe seeing visions of birds, houses, and ladies, among other things, Swiss scientist Charles Bonnet first characterized the condition in 1760. 

Functional MRI study in a case of Charles Bonnet syndrome

Patients with CBS reports have observed visions ranging from simple geometric forms and colors to realistic detail sceneries frequently featuring faces and, for some reason, many little individuals. However, because these pictures are not interactive, the experience is more akin to watching a boring movie with the sound turned off.

When a person’s vision ceases to work, the visual section of their brain might become hyperactive in the absence of the stimuli that previously used it. As a result, it begins to fire off pictures to keep the tale running.


So, even if you and your brain perceive things differently at times – sometimes a lot differently – you might consider hallucination as particularly vivid reminders of how sensitive, sophisticated, and beautiful your brain is.

Even if you have a healthy brain and functional senses, you can still hallucinate. They can occur when you are not feeling well due to a lack of sleep, hunger, or a fever.

Grieving people frequently see, hear, or sense the presence of their deceased loved ones. Of course, some people purposely modify their brain chemistry with drugs that might create hallucinations. However, one should never promote these drug-induced hallucinations.

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