We Are Living in an Illusion.

9 October 2021 mishmash05

Assume you perceive a goal; if you believe it is worthy of your time, effort, and money, you pursue it. Then, while you are pursuing this great objective, it is the truth for you. And then you find out or realize that what you thought was true was not in fact true. So, what was it that you were believing was the truth? It was all an “ILLUSION.”

Life Science


HIF-PH Inhibitor

9 October 2021 mishmash05

HIF-PH inhibitors have headed up as a new class of drugs for anemia in patients with CKD (chronic kidney disease). In the early days, ESAs (Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents) were used for the treatment of anemia with CKD complications.




9 October 2021 mishmash05

IVF is merely one sort of fertility treatment; however, it is the foremost complex. Not all people with fertility issues require IVF.

Human Welfare


The Era of Digitalization in Healthcare Has Arrived

9 October 2021 mishmash05

The digitalization of healthcare is now underway, but due to a slower rate of technological adoption by healthcare insiders in other sectors, it has not been visible.



The Fermi Paradox – Where are all the aliens?

9 October 2021 mishmash05

If only 0.1 percent of these Earth-like planets have life, this will result in four million life-supporting dwellings. If only 1% of these planets had sentient life equal to humans, we would have 40,000 civilizations. This is all done with modest estimates, but the difficulty is that we have no proof that these predicted odds are occurring, which is the core of the Fermi Paradox.



The Dunning Kruger Effect

4 September 2021 mishmash05

Dunning Kruger Effect explains why people appear to exhibit illusory superiority in over 100 studies. We perceive ourselves to be superior to others to varying degrees, which defies mathematical rules. People, on average, rank themselves higher than most disciplines, including health, leadership, talents, ethics, and so on.

Mental issues


Binge Eating Disorder

4 September 2021 mishmash05

Binge eating disorder is a kind of eating disorder linked to several psychiatric and non-psychological issues and some severe functional impairments in everyday life. Binge eating disorder, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).



Barnum Effect: The Art of Predictions

4 September 2021 mishmash05

The Barnum Effect, also known as the Forer Effect, is a psychological phenomenon in which people believe personality descriptions are specifically applicable to them and are highly accurate.



Is Virtual Prosthetic Voice System a Blessing?

4 September 2021 mishmash05

The virtual Prosthetic system first tries to decode the brain’s vocal intentions and then translates them into the most comprehensive speech without involving any muscle movements.



Role of CRISPR/Cas9 in Agriculture

4 September 2021 mishmash05

The CRISPR Cas9 system is the most recent gene-editing technique, allowing geneticists and medical researchers to edit portions of the genome by deleting, inserting, or modifying DNA sequences.